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Farewell, LJ

Ok, so I think I am giving up on LJ - lack of time combined with the horrible new ToS from Our Russian Friends means farewell.

IF you want to find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, message me and I will give you my info - I would be sad to lose touch completely with all of you!!

Feb. 14th, 2017

*waves wildly*

I'm still here! Still pretty bleh. The 2 feet of snow we got from two storms 4 days apart has not helped. I hate snow. So much. I hate how closed in it makes me feel. I hate how gross it gets almost immediately. I have how everything is narrower. And slipperier. I hate it. And yes, I know I live in the wrong place, but I can't move far away from my family, so I'm here. And I reserve the right to hate freaking winter with ever fiber of my being.

Wow, that got a little more violent than I was planning!

I still have nothing much to say - life is pretty boring right now.
Ugh. I'm not..at my best these days. I'm so scared and angry at this new "administration" that I just..I dunno. UGH.

And it's winter, so I'm already at my lowest.

Am trying to focus on it being February, so there's really just a month left of real winter.

But, ugh.

On a nicer note, one of my twitter friends in England sent me a care package with vegetarian Percy Pigs and a guide book about lesser known cool things to do in London! So that was super sweet :)

And Paul and I may take ice skating lessons! He can skate already - I can..hold onto the wall. The place we're looking at does all the adult lessons at one day/time, but breaks it out into smaller groups, so even though we won't be in the same "class," we'll go at the same time. I'm hoping that this will give me something that makes winters more bearable - not that ice skating is just for the winter, but quite a few outdoor winter-only rinks open up around here, so there is a winter component. At worst, I break a bone and get out of shoveling for the rest of the winter! ;)
1. How do you like your coffee?

Iced!! My top fave is peppermint mocha, extra skim. Failing that, coconut with extra skim and sugar. Failing that, plain with extra skim and extra sugar.

Hot - black, or with a seasonal non-dairy chemical creamer ;)

2. How do you like your tea?

I only drink black teas (preferably Irish Breakfast) - lots of sugar and milk. I will drink tea with nothing in it as well.

3. What's your favorite late night beverage?

I try not to drink anything too close to bed as I have THE smallest bladder in the world, and sleep poorly enough as it is!!

4. If you could only drink one thing for the next week, what would it be?


5. If you were on vacation, what would be the first thing you'd drink to celebrate?

Coffee? Or a nice hard cider!
Man, what a weekend. We didn't end up going to the Boston march - Paul has a cold (mild, thank goodness, but enough to not want to be outside for hours), and I had hives on my legs SO awful hat I had to wear shorts on Saturday. I'm not convinced they weren't stress hives instead of allergic hives, to be honest. So between the two things, we were stuck i the house. Which is fine, as I was also worried about my anxiety in dealing with crowds - I'm usually fine in crowds, but when it's wall to wall people and not moving, I get rather..antsy. I feel sad missing out on being a part of it, but I was there in spirit!

I still don't understand how we got to this point.

I also don't understand how there is no rule that someone running for president has to have political experience.

Oh behalf of those of us sane in this country - I apologize for the next four years to rest of the world :(


When I get home I am getting very, very drunk.

Ah ha!

So, looks like we'll be taking a trip to the UK in May 2018! I was very bad and got us tickets to see Hamilton in London, despite Paul not wanting to go to London a third time. I figure we'll hit the show, and then head off to somewhere else - maybe Edinburgh? Or maybe even stay in England, as we both want to go to Bath, and a few other places. Plenty of time to plan!

Other than that, not much is going on, which is good. tattoo has hit the peeling stage, but seems to be healing nicely and on track. Paul's mom and stepdad were visiting this past weekend to do Christmas, and we did a tour of the new-ish local cidery, which was neat! They had an amazing jalapeno cider! SO GOOD. It was neat because it wasn't just spicy - you could also taste the pepper, which was cool.

Winter continues to be annoying, but not horrible so far. We had some snow and ice overnight, but once I got out of my town it was just rain, so my drive wasn't as bad as I'd been fearing. And it's supposed to get up to almost 50 degrees again this week and next. Here's hoping this trend continues, even though I know some of it is because of climate change.


OK, here we go! So the story is that Maggie Stiefvater drew this little raven in my copy of Dream Thieves, and it made me so happy because it was adorable, and I love ravens. Because it's in pencil, it'd be really hard to mimic as a tattoo, so Chris, my tattoo artist, tried to come up with a doable drawing that captured the essence and could be done in ink. And I think he did. I totally love it!

Here is the little drawing she did in my bookCollapse )

And here is my raven!!Collapse )
Oh! HERE is something to post about! I'm going after work to have a consult about the tattoo I want - and assuming that goes well, I can get it done right after! I'm excited - I've wanted to get one for as long as I can remember. The one I'm getting is not actually what I had planned to be my first - that one is one in memory of my pony Diamond, but I'm just not ready for that one yet :( What I'm hopefully getting tonight is a little thing that Maggie Stiefvater drew in a book she signed for me - when I saw it a few years ago, I thought "Huh, that'd make a good tattoo!" - but I was too wrapped up in wanting the Diamond one to be first. Not long ago I started thinking about it more and more, and sometime last week I woke up thinking "Yup, this needs to get done" and emailed the place I'd been considering and lo! they had room today! I emailed them the image - we'll see how the consult goes. I can't imagine it will go poorly, as it's just a little simple thing, but you never know.

Just hopefully, if it happens, I don't pass out! I'm good w/ pain (and blood), so I don't think I should.

Jan. 9th, 2017

Ugh. Without riding, I have nothing to say. I don't DO anything!! I am remarkably boring!! Getting back into riding come spring will be helpful in more than just preserving-my-sanity :)

And just when I start to think about NOT waiting until spring, we get a day like today, where it was -3F when I left for work. Yeah, no. Am very much done with winter - it made us miss the play we had tickets to on Saturday, and re-buy them for Sunday's performance. It's nice that we were able to do so, but the extra spending was a bit annoying! It was good, though - the Actors' Shakepeare Project did "The Tempest." Their Ariel was REALLY great, as were Trinculo and Stephano. Their Caliban made...unpleasant snuffling noises that made him hard to bear. I understand why he did them, but ugh, hey really turned my stomach.

I feel like I haven't properly defrosted from shoveling and then wandering Brookline yesterday, and I swear the heat is off in my office as it's freezing!! I do have leftover Indian for lunch - that will warm me up, if lunch ever gets here!! :D