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Oct. 2nd, 2015

I kinda want to chop off my hair. My teal streak was supposed to help suppress that, damnit.

I love long hair on other people, and I love the idea of it on me, but all I do is put it in a ponytail. And then drool on it at night.


Oct. 1st, 2015

Alas, no lease rides until Sunday :( Artie had to get some back injections today so he's off for a few days - Pam had the vet out and while she was there had her look at him as he's been swapping leads going right (his bad direction) a lot, and that combined w/ how extra grumpy he's been during grooming made her think something was up. So, injections. They should help, though! Poor boy. I stopped by anyway after work to say hello and give him carrots - got there just as he was pretty much recovered from the bit of sedative they gave him so he was all peppy and nickery. I may be imagining it, but he did seem less grumpy when I pulled him out of the main barn to put him in his stall - but maybe he was just anxious to get to his hay!

Second Lesson Update

My pre-makeup lesson on Tuesday was great! I rode w/ Megan, who rode in one of my lessons a couple weeks ago. She's an adult re-rider, who rode Western as a kid! She's really good and really nice, and I like that she gets as red and sweaty as I do ;) Jeannette, my Monday partner, is always so cool and calm looking, while I look like I fought a yeti and then rolled in a mud puddle by the end.

Artie was SUPER grumpy during grooming, but was really good in the lesson - he did do some of his usual tricks, but also gave me some really nice trot, and some really nice fwd floaty trot over ground poles! Andrea had me try this thing where we came off the track, leg yielded back over to it, and immediately asked for the canter, using inside aids (outside leg still back, but inside the one asking for the canter), and it was pretty awesome! Going his bad direction was still sticky, but we had like 4 going left that wear instant and lovely! Very cool.

I can't remember anything else, other than my lungs being super unhappy w/ the humidity.


And will Lydia miss me when I don't get home at my usual time?

Lesson update

Decent lesson last night. I think Artie sensed my tiredness as he plied me with many of his tricks - the rubbing on walls and the trying to scootch into the middle. So Andrea had me ride w/ two crops so I could apply it on the correct side without trying to quickly switch the crop. By the middle of the lesson he was better about at least responding to my leg for that.

Canter wasn't great - we had some really nice departs tracking left, his good direction. But I also kept getting wimpy and going back to trot :/ Tracking right wasn't stellar, but he never did his change-to-counter-canter that he likes to do - maybe because, again, I was making us trot before he got the chance. Bah. Don't know what my brain was doing. Hopefully w/ the lease and riding more I can turn the canter back into just another gait and not something worrisome! I think it should - I was talking to Jeannette, the other woman in my lesson, and she too used to have cantering issues and leasing Ty helped. She even cantered like 5 strides w/out stirrups at the end!! Amazing.

It's kinda ridiculous that I'm having cantering issues again - I'm sure it's because I spent a long time recently NOT cantering, mainly due to all the asthma issues I was having last winter/spring. But I KNOW cantering is NOT scary! So, stop it brain!!!

Jeannette and Andrea continue to express surprise at my worry as they both say I look great - I'm sitting nice and tall and my elbows are following and my leg isn't swinging too much. So obviously I am capable of doing it just fine! Just gotaa get my brain back on board! Come on, brain - we cantered in SHOWS< for crying out loud. A few times around the ring on Artie is NOT going to kill us!

We also did no stirrups sitting trot where we kept changing direction across the diagonal, trying to get a nice big trot across the diagonal. Holy hell, SO MUCH easier to get Artie moving off just my leg w/ no stirrups!! Probably because I can almost literally wrap my legs around him! ;) I wonder if I should try riding w/ a slightly longer stirrup? I do tend to ride short to try to combat my lifting my heel issue that stems from riding the smaller horses.

Another lesson tonight - a little concerned as there are two other lessons at the same time, and with the rain, we'll all be inside. Hopefully I don't get too flustered.

Can't I just be normal?

Ugh, that was not the best weekend. DH's company does this Game of Thrones trivia game and costume contest at King Richard's Faire and that was Saturday so we went on down to that. We went a couple hours early, and were totally bored by the time the contest started - I always forget the KRF is not all that exciting if you've been before - it's pretty small and there's really not much to do other than browse the few overpriced vendors. I did get a giant pickle and fried dough, so there was that. The trivia and costumes were good, though, so that 45 mins was fun. Afterward there was a company party at a nearby bar, and I was so not in the mood for it after being bored and annoyed all afternoon. And I'm still not entirely comfortable w/ his coworkers as I barely know them, and while they're all nice, they're all Strangers, so my social anxiety was really in high gear and I kinda wanted to go hide in the bathroom. We spent the last part of our time there talking to Sarah, the office manager, who was really very nice and had this amusing theory about how the 3 of us were the bouncers for the party since we were right by the stair entrance, but I basically spent the whole time wondering why I couldn't be as comfortable and fun as she was, and how she probably didn't want to go hide in the bathroom, and why the heck was DH with me and not someone normal? And was he thinking the same thing? So that was fun, fun, fun. Anyway, I made us leave at 7, and we got home in plenty of time to make it to the showing of Rocky Horror my town movie theater was doing, but I couldn't make myself go - I was totally out of ability to deal.

And yesterday we spent the entire day dealing w/ covering the pool, which took all damn day because we forgot to shock it when we got home Saturday, probably because I was so grumpy. Bah.

And now it's Monday and while I am excited to get to ride so much, I'm also wigging out about not having a free night this week. I may cancel dinner w/ a couple of the old Horsemasters, which was supposed to happen Wednesday. But all I can see ahead of me is a stretch of obligations, and while fun, they're still obligations and cannot deal w/ 5 days straight. Especially w/ the England trip coming up, which I know will be fun but has its own stresses.


Sep. 24th, 2015

So when I had all my ear problems, the doc (or rather Awesome NP Rick) wanted me to try taking some allergy med again as it's been awhile since I tried any, so I've been taking Zyrtec for like a month now. It didn't seem to help much, and has been making my eyes SUPER dry (which in turns makes me notice my floaters more, which is SO MUCH FUN). So I stopped it a couple days ago. Sinuses are indeed not any worse, but OMG the hives. Apparently Zyrtec has been stopping them, at least. AHHH. SO itchy, So welty. SO ITCHY. I can't decide which is worse, though - itchy or dry eyes! AHHH!!


Hi, all! Have a meme, courtesy of slammerkinbabe

How this works:

You comment, I give you an age (please tell me how old you currently are - I don't know all of your ages, unfortunately, so I don't want to pick an age for you that is impossible) and you fill out the meme questions with what applied to you back then, and now.

slammerkinbabe gave me age 19

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Sep. 22nd, 2015

Ugh. Did not ride last night as I'm still feeling like crap. I think spending a lot of time outside over the weekend - first at the Garden in the Woods for a friend's b-day and then on Sunday helping DH dig a new garden bed - made my allergies go insane and I am really feeling miserable. Left work early yesterday and called in sick to my lesson :( BUT! I'll get to ride FOUR times next week! I think - assuming my 3rd lease day ends up being Fridays. But I have a makeup scheduled for Tuesday for the week I'll miss when we're in England, so combined w/ my usual lesson and 2 lease rides, FOUR DAYS OF RIDING!!!!!

I still feel really under-prepared for England. I haven't even started looking for the power adapter thingy from last trip. I have no idea where it could be. I should just order another, especially since we'll need 2 anyway as last trip DH had nothing to charge - it was just my iPod Touch that needed it! Also have no idea about getting to Oxford from London, or to Heathrow from Oxford - I'm not too worried about that as, hello, way better pub transport than here, but it'd still be nice to know. I should check to make sure seats on the plane haven't filled up - stupid Virgin Atlantic makes you pay for picking seats ahead of time now. So it's either pay $40/person/flight to pick seats. or hope that there're 2 seats together by the time the 24-hours-in-advance check-in rolls around. I've been trying to look at the searing chart regularly, thinking if it starts looking full we can then just go ahead and pay, but I haven't the last couple weeks. Which probably means no seats together!! :/

Work is still insane but slightly better now that most of the new student workers have started. They still need a ton of training but at least there's some stuff they can do, freeing up the old hands to do the trickier stuff that staff has been forced to do lately.

Sep. 15th, 2015


Quick lesson update

Still being run ragged at work so no time to do a full update, but last night's lesson was great! I'm getting better at insisting that Artie give me a response immediately, and not halfway around the ring later. Andrea also has me riding him with much more contact than I'm used to, and I think that's partly why I can get a better response out of him - not that he's all framed up or anything, but he's not all strung up pulling himself along on his forehand quite as much. We had some SUPER forward trot that was awesome! Then followed by him refusing to get off the tail of Megan and Stat, resulting in a solid whack on his shoulder to get him to agree to get off and cut across the ring. That's a new one - I'm used to his trying to rub me off on the wall, or his sneaking inside (he puts his body off the track but keeps his head on it, like he thinks that will fool me into think he's not sneaking in!), but the refusing to leave the other horse is new.

Also had TWO amazing canter departs! One was from the halt and it resulted in the best canter depart anyone has ever done (hehhee) followed by 2 strides of canter and then a fast trot . Whomp whomp. But in the second round of canter I got an amazing depart from the walk and kept it! YAY ARTIE!

And Andrea said that she feels like my riding has improved a ton over the last 2 lessons! Yay! Which wouldn't take much - I was a mess that first lesson and this has only been the 3rd, though it feels like I've been there longer!

Ok, back to work.