Monday, Monday

Man, where did my long weekend go? I hope all of you had a nice one! We did a bunch of yard stuff, and, man, my sinuses are complaining today. They'd be complaining anyway as pollen counts are through the roof, but I think hours outside didn't help! But I got a bunch of new perennials planted to replace the ones that didn't survive the winter and to fill a couple of black spaces. But OMG, I see why the previous people never planted anything - between the rocks and the roots digging a hole is damn near impossible. I'm used to rocks - hello, New England! But the roots! THE ROOTS! Holy hell. My new plan is do some potted annuals instead of more perennials ;)

In more exciting news, DH built me the first of my raised beds for veggies! It looks awesome - so excited! He's going to be build me four in total, and eventually we'll fence them in to keep the deer away, but I'm excited to have the project started! The one thing slowing us down is that Pullo (my car) can only fit enough wood to make one bed, and Home Depot is 30 mins!

What else? Oh, I checked out Volo after work on Friday. I was also going to stop by Red Acre, which is practically next door to me, but I left work later than I'd hoped to and didn't have time to stop there before my scheduled tour at Volo. Volo is actually better than I remembered - I tried it once YEARS ago and was terrified by the impersonal-ness, but everyone I talked to this time was super-nice, and they even said that the program is a little smaller these days to keep things manageable, so that's nice. I met the schoolies, including two ponies who are brothers named ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE AND THEY LOOK ALIKE AND A LOT LIKE DIAMOND! SO CUTE!! The horses are stunning, actually. So I'm hopefully setting up a trial lesson there.

Did I mention how Orchard Hill went? No? It was fine - it was very nice, great horses, nice people, but it's really big. 3 barns big. And while the school program doesn't encompass all of them, it just felt too big to me. So I dunno. My plan seems to be to try other places and see if I find a place that noticeably FEELS right - if not, I'll try OH again. I mean, it IS gorgeous. SO GORGEOUS. But it also needs to feel right, you know?

I was also supposed to stop by SH Equestrian (Lelo Reeves - shes now at the old Milestone in Marlborough), but due to a family emergency, she had to go out of the country! Ack. I hope everything turns out ok.

What else?

Coworker made us cookies! YAY!


Am very much regretting not bringing Seveneves as my lunchtime reading! I started it just before bed last night, on the rec of yendi and while I'm enjoying my current lunch book ( Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child - another Rec Reading book I brought home from work!), I JUST WANT TO READ ABOUT THE IN-PIECES MOON!!

I came into work today to find the thermom reading 64 degrees :( Between my sending a pic of that and our preservationist sending the fancy reading from her fancy thingy, we got Facilities to shut off the AC. Here's hoping that lasts until we need the damn thing, or until they manage to, you know, turn it off at night like they used to do!


TMI, but I am soooo psyched that I just had to get a pelvic exam and not that and a pap this year! Whoo-hoo! SO much better. Even if the doc had an extra person in the room...

(an intern-type woman who's there for the summer. I was apparently the first non-pregnant exam of the day, despite my appt being at 1pm! So I got to be the lucky one on display for her...!)

Well, at least I had a scone afterward - yum.


At long last! Despite having taken Wednesday off, this has been SUCH a long week! I blame the freaking trees and their buckets of pollen.

Did I mention we're replacing the pool? We're replacing the pool. Which will probably mean this summer ends up being even colder than last summer... :P

What else? DH got me a telescope for my b-day! SO EXCITING! I'm hoping it's clear tonight so I can go out there when it's truly dark - it was still almost twilighty at 9pm on Wednesday night for its maiden outing. I think I may name her "Gentian," after the character in pameladean's book. She's lovely, and I'm so excited!

Monday, Monday

I brought in cupcakes to celebrate Birthday Week, and the bright green frosting has not scared people off as I was worried it would. Phew! They're chocolate with mint chips, and for some reason I thought BRIGHT GREEN vanilla frosting was a good plan - I mean, they taste fine, but the green is VERY GREEN. Next time, I think chocolate frosting. But 12 of the 20 are gone - and only 1 thanks to me - so phew.

Tonight going to see "The Last Unicorn" on the big screen!! And hopefully meet Mr. Beagle afterward! Very excited, though worried about staying up late. I should have taken tomorrow off in addition to Wednesday - especially since tomorrow is going to be 90 degrees, and Wednesday only 70.

May. 8th, 2015

I'm Posty McPostypants today, sorry! Another of our graduating student workers just finished her last shift with us :( So sad. I'm extra emotional over this group as they're the first group that I've been here for their entire time w/ us. And there are so many graduating! And they're all so good, and so nice. Argh!


May. 8th, 2015

I'm freaking sick of people complaining that they miss LJ and how it used to be - you can only complain about missing LJ if you're still freaking here! Otherwise? You're part of the damn problem. So either come back or shut the hell up.


For my Birthday Activity this year, I decided I wanted to go down to Conn and see the renovated library - so we're headed down there tomorrow to check it out! Doesn't it look amazing? Finals started today so we'll have to be extra quiet :D We're spending the night in Mystic too, which will be awesome, though, of course, I feel bad leaving Miss Pants. She'll alone only from Sat am-Sun am, but I keep picturing her wandering around, crying for me, and for Kitten Dinner, even though she usually eats like 5 bites of it as she prefers her dry food (which is always out for her). MY KITTEN.

Am also hoping to try out a couple of used bikes I found on craigslist - I love how my bike fits me and how pretty it is (BLUE!), but it's a hybrid and I'm just not entirely stable/confident on it. So I'm hoping to pic up a cheap used mountain bike to get me going. I wonder if Brandeis does a used bike sale like Conn did, for all the bikes they find/get left behind? I'm not in a huge rush since the freaking trees are stopping me from being outside anyway - I just happened to see a couple of good deals locally when I popped on craigslist last night.

What else? Last Unicorn on the big screen on Monday!! Can't wait for that!

Oh! And a trial lesson at Orchard Hill on Tuesday evening! I almost tried them last spring, and then found Harmony.

AND THEN BIRTHDAY!! I took Wednesday off! A Wednesday birthday is kinda sucky as it's hard to make it into a long weekend without seeming batty ;)

And I've decided to try doing the 4 day week this summer. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it, but my boss said I could try it for a week or so and see how it goes. I'm worried about 1) traffic leaving at 4:30pm 2) being totally unproductive after 3pm 3) getting home so late that it's a rush to try to get to a 6:30pm lesson. So we shall see - the lure of a 3 day weekend all summer was hard to resist at least trying!

May. 7th, 2015

My right nostril has been congested shut for 3 weeks and counting now.

May. 5th, 2015